Friday, June 25, 2010

School and Me

What to talk about?

"Lately,I've always wanted to update my blog with posts about my life in school.Well,there's alot to talk about now.There has been so much things happening in my school."

What about Mid-Term Exam?

"Well,I'm glad that the exam is over(for now).Actually,it has been over since the last two weeks.So now,RESULTS!Well,I don't think I did well in the exams.It's quite dissapointing"

Bahasa Melayu - 69% . gaarrrhhh...I didn't follow the instruction in Penulisan(the last part) and that is the reason I got B.

Bahasa Inggeris - I don't know teacher haven't give us the marks yet

Science - 75%...Luckily I got A but as the malay said "paras hidung je"

Mathematics - Haven't got the marks yet

Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu - 87% .yeah.I got the highest marks in my full attention to this subject really paid off

Geografi - 82% . It's okay for me cause I'm not really into this subject

Sejarah - I haven't get the marks yet...but trust me it's really hard

Pendidikan Islam -Haven't got yet.

Seni - 79% ...not to brag about but I've never got B/C/D/E in Seni cause I love art ...(the bragging part) What to say,it's in the blood.haha joking

Sivik - Still haven't got it yet.

Pendidikan Jasmani - Still haven't got yet.

Can't wait for the overall result this Tuesday.

What else ?

Nothing actually.SO.bye bye for now.

Where's 'Tiba-tiba Mann' ?

Oh.Sorry for forgetting and thanks for here you go

Tiba-tiba Mann:
Suri(my cat) delivered her babies but they are hidden and we must find it!