Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fabulous diva lah sangat.

                     Semua orang ada kawan baik yang macam 'BFF'.  Because 'BFF' is too mainstream, (Hipstahh puhlease) I called it My Divas. But theres only two person in da Diva List which is:

1. Tiwaa (Atheera)
2. Sofiii (Sofi)

Yeah, they are my two new bestfriends. And they act like divas. Well, me too. COZ WE ARE DIVAS. K.
And they are prettayhh too. They love cats too. They are 9gaggers too. They are crazayhhhh too. We all are the same except...they are standard 5. So I kinda need to guide them. But I don't think they'll loike it. Soo I just partayhh with them. Since UPSR is finished, we will always go to Tiwa's house (not actually). And this T Thursday, I'm going to Tiwa's house with Sofi. I hope it will a crazy blast!
I will post about the visit. There will be pictures too. DONT WORRY.

Oh yeah, maybe you wondered what do they look like? Here's some picture I could find.

This is Atheera a.k.a Tiwa. She is nice, friendly and fabulous.

                   This is Sofi. She is crazy, pretty and awesome.

Them ;)

Us. Me and Tiwa ;)


 Them. Again. They are bestfriends. So, I joined the, and we're


       See the word friendly at Tiwa's photo? Yeah, she approached shy me. And then we were friends. Then, one day, she brought Sofi to play with us. And then we're bestfriends. Easy?

We're fabulous.
We're crazy.
We're divas.

   That's why we're friends. Because, we be ourselves and ourselves is da same. I love you guys till death. See ya on Thursday, divas!  Xoxo.

Psst to all readers: Its MERDEKA to me. You knowww...after UPSR. Sooo, I'll be selling cupcakes. Not that sure. But I'll tell you if I will. Mari - mari kapkek! Kapkek! Kbye XD


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rugi peminat Kamal Adli yang tak tengok!

Assalammualaikum and hye guys! I knowww. Lamakann kiteww tak update bloggg? Yesh :3 Tahun ini tahun serious. Its timeeeee…for me to change my attitude. As you all know, tahun ni saya ambil UPSR. Fuhh…baru cakap dah nervous. Ohh… busy busy busy..*korek telinga*
And my life is okay. I’m pretty good now. Alhamdullilah. Sooo…recently I went to a theater called “Gerimis Mengundang” Have you guys seen it?!! Best gilewww kannn?!!
Orang yang tak tengok memang rugi wohhhh…. And yang tak tengok tuh..YOU MISSED IT. The theater is fun sebab it is lawak+sedih+musical+menari = Bestttt!!!
Ohh, and jangan risau juga kepada yang dah terlepas sebab filem Gerimis Mengudang bakal keluar! I’m sure its fun too! Tapi tak se-bestt theater. But takpe takpe..We’ll seeee….
Oh..lupa pulak..theater itu adalah lakonan KAMAL ADLI, MIKHA TAMBAYONG dan sebagainyaa.
Ok that is all. Thanks for visiting this blog. Byeeeee!