Monday, February 16, 2009

Hey,guys I am Nur Sarah Alisya I’m from 3 pulai. I want to tell about what I want in my life.I want a new bicycle beacause it is something fun . And if I want to buy colour pencil , my Dad don’t let me because I’ve always lost it.and I want is I want to blog like kakak hanis and also our mom because she is famous so we want to be like hanis and our mom.oh yeah about the bicycle I think my money in the ‘tabung’ i want to use to buy a new bicycle its fun .

This is kakak hanis.
She is nineteen years old.
Please view her blog.hehehe………….

This is my mom and nabil (raja lawak)
She is forty-three years old.
Please view my mom blog too!!!

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Farah Farhana said...

Sekarang nie umur Alisya berapa tahun? (2011)