Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Days of Survival


Balik rumah, YEAY! Cuti sekolah akhir tahun! Tapi, yang ada kat rumah, daddy je. Diorang belum balik dari Bandung. Daddy pulak busy dengan kerja dia so I guess I'm alone. That's the first day of survival. I thought it would end when they got back from Bandung. But no. Still the same until today. Guess I'm not alone anymore, Baim and Alisya is here to join me!


Still the same day of survival, where we kids stay home alone, cook ourselves meal to ensure survival. Luckily, Keknis and Abang Hadi bought us food sometimes, so we don't have to cook. Kekna and Boiri also took us to Plaza Masalam to buy Playstation 2 games. Yet, we still feel bored. We planned to go swimming with Kekna and Boiri yesterday, but damn Pusat Akuatik is closed on Monday. So yeah, we're bored. Help us. Lol. To Kekna&Boiri, Keknis&Abang Hadi, we really really appreciate what you guys have done to us :)

Oh yeah, just now, like JUSTTT NOW, Mum got back and brought us pizza!


Miss Capital A said...

abang hadi ? sapew tu ? haha :D
well,yeah,this sch0ol h0liday is a b0red one ! nice post :)

Aysyaa Zainal said...

hurmm.kesian Alisya

Nadiah Najihah said...

Finally. SOMETHING from hafiiz. Apelah kau hafiiz. Jarang sgt tulis. :P